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Child Support


Child Support is a complex issue, and is one that many
people face. In fact, each and every case involving minor
children has a Uniform Child Support Order, but not every Uniform Child Support Order includes a monetary obligation. In other words, unless one party – or the minor child – receives state assistance, the parties can agree to Uniform Child Support Order in the amount of $0.00 per month. If a party – or the child(ren) involved receives state assistance, then the parties cannot choose to deviate from the amount of support recommended by the Michigan Child Support Formula.

The Michigan Child Support Formula is just that: a formula dedicated to calculating child support. The formula takes into considerations a variety of variables; however, the most important of these variables are as follows: the respective incomes of the parties, the number of overnights that each parent has with the child(ren) on an annual basis, whether either parent has another child living in his/her household (or is responsible for paying support on behalf of another child), the amount payable by each party per month for purposes of childcare, and the amount payable by each party per month for purposes of healthcare.

The Friend of the Court is an administrative office that often helps oversee payment of child support; however, the Friend of the Court can also help calculate an appropriate amount of child support. Additionally, most attorneys - including Newton Law Offices, have programs similar to that used by the Friend of the Court to help calculate anticipated amounts of child support. The variables outlined above are input into the Michigan Child Support Formula “calculator,” at which point the calculator produces a “recommended” amount for purposes of child support per month. As stated above, unless one party – or the child(ren) involved – receives state assistance, the parties can choose to deviate from this recommended number
by agreeing to a lesser amount, or, in some cases, a
higher amount. Child Support is modifiable
as a result of any involuntary change in financial
circumstances, and in some cases is also modifiable
as a result of a change in parenting time.

Newton | Plont is experienced in dealing with Child Support
matters, and is familiar with the applicability of the
Michigan Child Support Formula. If you have questions
about an existing child support case, or are curious about
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